White, whiter, whitest

 I ordered different white clays in powder-form which are supplied in EU and UK. I made them plastic and rolled them in little slabs. 

Firing in oxidation in an electric kiln at 1260°C. Here you see the different whiteness.

Ball clays

1. Ball clay Hymod AT

1.-2.. Ball clay Hyplass 71

2. Kleipoeder Tonmehl  WF (Jäger)

2.-3. Kleipoeder Tonmehl HF (Jäger)

3. Ball clay blue puraflo

3.-4. Ball clay Colpaert GR03 hymod Jäger

4. Ball Clay HVA/R

4.-5. Ball Clay Hyplass 64

5. Halfvette klei Witgert


6. Metakaolin Argical M1200S

6. 7. Kaolin Standard Porcelain

7. Kaolin puraflo CC50 PC 

8. Kaolin Colpaert Polwhite 

8.-9. Kaolin K 1

9. Kaolinor 1C

10. Kaolin 233 Jäger

whitest but not in this photo: Audrey Blackman porcelain Valentines 

With these porcelains I made all kinds of mixtures to test them in plasticity and throwability. Here you see an example of one of the triangles:




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